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Hello and welcome!

Welcome to our first blog on our brand-spanking new website! First off we want to give a shout out to Web Designer Imo Vee who has made this little beauty and has been an absolute joy to work with from start to finish! So thank you Imo!

We’re extremely excited to be launching this website along with a whole suite of work that is happening for us as a company this summer and autumn. It’s been a horrible, grim, torrid time for everyone working in the arts of late, but we’re extremely proud to be moving in the direction we are as a company. We believe firmly in our methods of co-creation, and in making projects that are rooted in listening to people about their thoughts, feelings, and ideas across the areas we work in. We hope this moment is just the start of the journey for our collection of islands.

So; what have we got coming up? Well, after the success, and untimely end, of our stage show An Act of Care, a punk gig theatre piece about Aneurin Bevan, and the past, present, and future of the NHS, we’re redeveloping that work in a number of ways. First off is a new project, entitled A Call to Care, made with the Royal College of Nursing. This will see us make a new digital theatre piece in collaboration with nurses from the RCN, addressing their role in the pandemic and what they hope for the future of care in our society. At the same time we’re working with young people in Greater Manchester and Lancaster and Morecambe on the Limited (In)Vulnerability Project, creating an anthology of short video games all about vulnerability. Both of these works will be coming out in August so keep your eyes peeled on our shiny Watch/Listen/Play page to see the fruits of these projects!

With a bit of funding luck dependent, we’re also going to be redeveloping our stage show An Act of Care into a brand new audio drama, and then getting a touring production on the road sometime in 2022. We’re putting it out into the world to MANIFEST, so universe please come through for us. In the meantime, if you’re interested in that work please see our animated short film we made during lockdown available here on our watch/listen page.

Finally, we have two more SUPER SECRET projects we can’t yet announce, but to give a little bit of excitement here’s our wonderful friend, collaborator, and composer extraordinaire Sean Ryan with a short snippet of a song that is from one of these projects. We’ll hopefully have more to announce very soon but get your ears round it.

We’re so thrilled to be at this stage of our journey and to meet more and more magic people down the line. First blog post out!

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